: stand for Co-operation. The leading roles include you and me, which means that we need to support each other to get a win-win cooperation.

    MAG: stand for MAGNET. The main body is magnet, so quality must be guaranteed.

  • Introduction

      XIAMEN COMAG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. mainly specializing in high-quality NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet, Permanent Ferrite Magnet, Alnico Magnet and SmCo Magnet with various grades and sizes, locates at a beautiful coastal city——Xiamen, Southeast of China.
    CoMAG aims to serve high-class products and become the best partner of most clients under the values of Sincerity, Profession, Harmony and Stronger. The factory we work with is the supplier of many well-known brands such as PANASONIC, SANYO, SIEMENS, IPHONE, MICROSOFT, VOLKSWAGEN. Guaranteed quality is critical to long-term future of a company, so for CoMAG quality always comes first.
    Longing for a brighter future, CoMAG will “Ride the winds, Break the Waves” to create our own brands. Invite you to be part of CoMAG.

  • Contact Us


    Tel: +86-592-5282957 / +86-15980966697 
    QQ: 2932321860 
    E-mail: jenny@xmcomag.com 
    Address: No.27, West Two-Mile of Jinshan, Huli District, Xiamen China 361000