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Sintered NdFeB

Features & Applications of Sintered NdFeB
NdFeB, the strongest type of permanent magnet with high remanence, high coercive force, high performance, is the most widely used among rare earth magnets. Gradually NdFeB magnets are replacing other types of magnets in the modern applications. They can be processed into various size and widely used in many fields such as Sonic Equipment(Loudspeaker, earphone, microphone), Micro Special Motor(Voice Coil Motor, Step Motor, Servo Motor, Geared Down Motor, Synchronizing Motor), Medical Instruments(Magnetic Therapy Device, Water Magnetizer, Magnetic Resonance Image Device), Industrial Drives(Generator, Magnetic Crane, Magnetic Filter, Magnetic Clamp).

Production Procedure of Sintered NdFeB


NdFeB Standard Shapes